Hey everyone! Hope the New Year is off to a good start! 

I have been taking more breaks with art lately so that I could focus on other aspects of my life, but I am happy to announce a lot of new things are in the works. 

First off, starting next month I will be taking a ceramics course! This means I will hopefully be having more ceramic pins, cups, and plants available later this year. Stay tuned on that!

Also! I was recently accepted to be a seller on the infamous curated online shop Witchsy, by Penelope Gazin, which I am still in the works of creating new stuff for that. Also, stay tuned for that ;) 

Lastly, if you are in Portland, OR my 'You are Strong' stickers, shirts, and posters are now available at Palace, Outlet, Land Gallery, and Project Object. 

Thank you guys for making this dream a reality, I have worked my ass off for the past four years to make this path possible, but it couldn't be possible without the support from followers! So seriously, thank you! 

December Pop Up Event

Hey guys! Just wanted to update you that if you are a local in the Portland area, I will be tabeling at a holiday pop up event at the cutest shop, Fruit Salad Club on NE Broadway and 16th on December 17th! I will be posting an official flyer on all social media soon! Thanks for checking back on this blog. <3 Also! I am getting more shipment of sizes in for my "You are Strong" shirts in on the 8th, which will also include a NEW color :3 Really excited to see how this one turns out! More info about new things I am working on will be posted in the fuuuuture. Love you guys!

Stop Motion Animation

As some of you may know, it can be easy to be burnt out by getting stuck in the same routine creatively. I decided to try something new that could just be for my enjoyment which has always been my ongoing interest in working with animation. If you are interested in seeing what I have been up to and don't follow my intagram, here is a link to my vimeo


Excited to see this summer coming to an end because I want to take more time focusing on longer term projects! 

Stay tuned!


Book Update

Stoked to see that my 12 page riso book is going to be released in time for Short Run. Even better news for those who live in Portland, I will be dropping off a few copies at Floating World. So keep updated with my instagram feed for the post when I have it released! Really proud to see with enough patience and determination I can push to learn the photoshop skills necessary in the process. Stay tuned! 

Back to Blogging on the site

Hey guys!

So I have decided to start blogging on here again occasionally instead of focusing on Patreon right now. I decided it isn't the route I want to take with my art right now and I feel the need to take a step back from technology. Right now I am in the process of working on a few personal projects that are a bit slower so that I can attempt new skills. This year has been a lot about balancing my life with more than just drawing 3-4 hours a day non-stop. About to start incorporating Muay Thai, meditation, ceramics, and cooking into my life. Excited to start sharing a little bit of process work again! Thank you to those who check up on this blog ;) 


Portland Folks!

Excited to announce that two shops now have my stickers available for purchase if you don't want to order online! I am already running low on all the designs I have right now so don't miss your chance because I wont be restocking them! (except MAYBE the you are strong one eventually) 

Support local spots at 

Hello! Good Morning! 


Pony Club Gallery


I am excited to announce that I will be having my second solo show early next year!!! More info coming as the date gets closer :) 

Portland Folks!!!

Going to be in a group show this next Thursday July 6th!!!! Please come if you can! I will be selling new stickers, and prints too!!

April 13th 2017

Decided to take a break from trying to put too much on my plate with not enough time. Excited to announce that I will be moving my blog posts to Patreon! Yes! I am finally going to have a PATREON in the next month or so! I have been taking little steps to make it happen and ready to make the big launch soon! What is Patreon you might ask? Its a platform for creators to have a monthly income from those who support what they do (you!). I have been working hard to get a lot of work produced and have also been working hard on a 12 page intro to a longer story. This story was going to be submitted to a contest, but I decided last minute to either get it published through a different third party or BY MYSELF! Patreon will be a great opportunity for me to share more of my story of the process and also SHARE the first 12 pages that I have been working on since NOVEMBER!! Also you will get full access to all the inbetween steps through it, exclusive videos, drawing sessions, and I plan on getting more benefits going! The best part? It will only cost you as low as $1 to $5 a month to help get my supplies and make my dream a little more of a reality. 

Its been great having a side blog through my website to make it feel more like 2007 and slow down my time on the internet. Because lets be real, that social media shit is exhausting. 

As a treat to those of you who have been reading my blog here is the first finished page of my comic, 'Binx'! Lets see how far this shit will take me? I honestly will keep drawing regardless. 

February 16 2017

Been burning myself out by these past couple weeks of staying in hand painting shirts/totes and shipping out orders so I haven't been keeping up with blog posts but here is what I have been up to. I have been missing color and wanted to start using it again so I went out and got some new watercolors but still felt kind of burnt out from the medium... I did enjoy these two pages of work in my sketchbook which I have shared. The other work are sneak peaks of some pages I plan on making into zines in the very near future so stay tuned! Besides what most of you see in my instagram version of life I am getting ready to start our first dungeon and dragons night this coming week with a few other comic artists and Steve! Hoping this game can get my storytelling skills on full throttle, if not at least have fun!

 This week we went to hood river to get away from the city for the day and take a break from being in work mode/social media. As fueling as it was for my spirit and mind I am already wanting to get so much more done with my time. Next week I plan on setting time aside to get these zines made, and put some new stuff in my etsy shop! Thank you guys for your continued support or reaching out for me to help with your projects! Hoping to reach out to more of you and start more collaborative projects in the future as well as more art trades. Gotta take better care of my back and mental health first though. I will leave this post with one of my favorite quotes from Bob Ross "We don't make mistakes, just happy accidents". Sending love to the five of you that read my blog <3 

January 28th 2017

Hey guys! This week has been a very busy workweek which feels good. Don't have a bunch of drawings to share this week since I have been painting totes instead of doodling. Its been fun painting totes and I am planning on releasing more of my "you are strong" design onto totes and more shirts in the coming month. I am making a full transition on how I use my instagram because it use to be a place to show off friendships and how hot I looked to impress people who don't actually care. Now it feels good to separate myself a bit more from it and only use it as a means to grow and find new inspiration. Its an easy social media platform to start judging and comparing which is awful but true and I know its playing a role in why our generation has social anxiety. I have honestly been feeling the same way and its something I am working through. Our actions of how we handle things are in our hands and now that I truly understand that its made letting go of old friendships that were stuck or no longer fueling either sides easier.  I have always been seen as someone who forgives people but sometimes in life you have to know your limits and put yourself first if it means maintaining a better balance of life. I know for myself that I am an emotional person that really wants to care and listen to what most people have to say because I see the greater good most of the time but I was losing touch with who I was and only having a very superficial presence. People will always read you differently than how you see yourself and once you realize that and start just being who you are making choices for yourself get easier.  Which is probably why I have become more of a hermit these days. Anyways here are some drawings I have done this week 

 Been inspired by skateboard videos lately. As a teen girl I always dreamed of being like the guys at the skatepark landing sick moves. It feels good to get in touch with that side of me again. All my life I have wanted to be a part of all the boys club from hockey to skateboarding to comics... honestly a lot of things are boy clubs and I am ready for that to change.&nbsp;

Been inspired by skateboard videos lately. As a teen girl I always dreamed of being like the guys at the skatepark landing sick moves. It feels good to get in touch with that side of me again. All my life I have wanted to be a part of all the boys club from hockey to skateboarding to comics... honestly a lot of things are boy clubs and I am ready for that to change. 

 These anxious doodles started after I made the mistake of getting involved with politics on facebook and feeling tender.&nbsp;

These anxious doodles started after I made the mistake of getting involved with politics on facebook and feeling tender. 

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January 18th 2017

Been juggling around in my head of what I want to focus my energy on lately... have some new things coming in my shop that I am excited to get going and a project I will be working on with a local street artist, but I find myself wanting to make more time for producing comics. The whole reason any of this started was because of my found passion and love for making comics but I found myself stuck with the same stories or just a block in general. I do believe that its important to expand your creative energy in more places than just one because thats how you grow and maybe find new found interests. The other day I spent 4 hours straight drawing things that were in my head to feeling stuck and drawing what was around me but put into panels. It felt good to get my creative juices flowing again and something I am excited about came about. I feel okay sharing two comics I made because even though I want to start submitting to more publishers this year I also wanna just have more comics in general around for you to see! Excited to take this year into my own hands and have more of my work out which is why I asked for some 3x5 art trades which I plan on finishing/sent out by next week! Thank you again to those who agreed to participate! I hope I can do it again in the future but for now I already feel overwhelmed with how much I have on my plate. Here is what I have done this past week though! Enjoy! 

January 10th 2017

With the icy conditions in Portland, I have had some extra time to work and figure out a comic that I want to pursue. It took 4 hours of non stop drawing to get to an idea that I am excited about and can expand into something more than my last idea. This is part of the process that works for me, I have to shuffle through endless ideas by working panel to panel until something sticks. I get distracted or bored quickly so if an idea doesn't branch out, I start over or spend time working on something else. Working on spending less time on social media, especially instagram, which use to be my only platform for my drawings to push myself to get my stuff into peoples hands. Without sharing too much about what plans I have for the future I will let you get a glance of where I am now! Excited for the adventure to unfold and I look forward to seeing what hiccups. -stay tuned-

  Stretching has become mediative and very important to my daily routine. And after I drew this the idea came about!&nbsp;

Stretching has become mediative and very important to my daily routine. And after I drew this the idea came about! 

January 2, 2017

Been busy working my day job and been giving myself a break from uploading art on etsy or updating my website because of the holidays. Now that things are winding down and a new year is here I am hoping to find a better balance between giving myself a break and getting work done. Taking a break from watercolor and fine lined ink work to practice my work with colored pencil as well as other mediums I haven't really played with. 

Most of my work this week is using colored pencil and not feeling tempted to fill each panel completely so that I can learn to feel more confident with negative space. 

Since I have been taking a break from sitting down and working 2-3 hours straight everyday drawing I have been reading more comics from the library and taking more walks around town. I have reached a point with my drawing arm where I can't work as nonstop as a year ago but honestly I am thankful that I need to slow down. 

Work heavily inspired by Hayaski 

 Here is an untouched scan of the first page of a comic I am thinking about continuing!&nbsp;

Here is an untouched scan of the first page of a comic I am thinking about continuing! 

Decemeber 20th 2016

Been thinking about posting more of my work on my site to show parts of my process and make my comics available to those interested in seeing! With a new year around the corner I am working to make more changes to strengthen my work and start getting feedback and producing more than just doodles in my sketchbook. Thank you for checking out my first post! I have had a rough couple weeks feeling like I was losing my creativity but its coming back and I am ready to share my journey! I am thinking about expanding this comic further. Working on a side project that needs to stay a secret until summer of 2017. Right now I am taking a break from working in just fine line ink, and watercolor to try new mediums that I haven't explored much. Using colored pencil in various colors and brands has helped me want to expand my knowledge of textures/blending colors. I have been exploring my minds eye a lot lately and bold primary colors have been taking up my headspace. Reds and blues some days, and yellows other days. All of these colors have ended up sending a powerful message to me and how I want to be more balanced. The idea for me being that the blue reflects my sensitivity, yellow being empathy and balance, and red being power. All this reflection, and endless hours of watching The Simpsons has made me want to focus more on playing with these primary colors and finding new ways to put them in each panel. I am excited to show more of my process. 

But for now I will share other works including older comics from the IPRC program and hopefully more sketches.  Stay tuned plan on making this a weekly thing! Down below are the first two pages of the 'Binx' comic that I released back in October.