Decemeber 20th 2016

Been thinking about posting more of my work on my site to show parts of my process and make my comics available to those interested in seeing! With a new year around the corner I am working to make more changes to strengthen my work and start getting feedback and producing more than just doodles in my sketchbook. Thank you for checking out my first post! I have had a rough couple weeks feeling like I was losing my creativity but its coming back and I am ready to share my journey! I am thinking about expanding this comic further. Working on a side project that needs to stay a secret until summer of 2017. Right now I am taking a break from working in just fine line ink, and watercolor to try new mediums that I haven't explored much. Using colored pencil in various colors and brands has helped me want to expand my knowledge of textures/blending colors. I have been exploring my minds eye a lot lately and bold primary colors have been taking up my headspace. Reds and blues some days, and yellows other days. All of these colors have ended up sending a powerful message to me and how I want to be more balanced. The idea for me being that the blue reflects my sensitivity, yellow being empathy and balance, and red being power. All this reflection, and endless hours of watching The Simpsons has made me want to focus more on playing with these primary colors and finding new ways to put them in each panel. I am excited to show more of my process. 

But for now I will share other works including older comics from the IPRC program and hopefully more sketches.  Stay tuned plan on making this a weekly thing! Down below are the first two pages of the 'Binx' comic that I released back in October.