January 18th 2017

Been juggling around in my head of what I want to focus my energy on lately... have some new things coming in my shop that I am excited to get going and a project I will be working on with a local street artist, but I find myself wanting to make more time for producing comics. The whole reason any of this started was because of my found passion and love for making comics but I found myself stuck with the same stories or just a block in general. I do believe that its important to expand your creative energy in more places than just one because thats how you grow and maybe find new found interests. The other day I spent 4 hours straight drawing things that were in my head to feeling stuck and drawing what was around me but put into panels. It felt good to get my creative juices flowing again and something I am excited about came about. I feel okay sharing two comics I made because even though I want to start submitting to more publishers this year I also wanna just have more comics in general around for you to see! Excited to take this year into my own hands and have more of my work out which is why I asked for some 3x5 art trades which I plan on finishing/sent out by next week! Thank you again to those who agreed to participate! I hope I can do it again in the future but for now I already feel overwhelmed with how much I have on my plate. Here is what I have done this past week though! Enjoy!