February 16 2017

Been burning myself out by these past couple weeks of staying in hand painting shirts/totes and shipping out orders so I haven't been keeping up with blog posts but here is what I have been up to. I have been missing color and wanted to start using it again so I went out and got some new watercolors but still felt kind of burnt out from the medium... I did enjoy these two pages of work in my sketchbook which I have shared. The other work are sneak peaks of some pages I plan on making into zines in the very near future so stay tuned! Besides what most of you see in my instagram version of life I am getting ready to start our first dungeon and dragons night this coming week with a few other comic artists and Steve! Hoping this game can get my storytelling skills on full throttle, if not at least have fun!

 This week we went to hood river to get away from the city for the day and take a break from being in work mode/social media. As fueling as it was for my spirit and mind I am already wanting to get so much more done with my time. Next week I plan on setting time aside to get these zines made, and put some new stuff in my etsy shop! Thank you guys for your continued support or reaching out for me to help with your projects! Hoping to reach out to more of you and start more collaborative projects in the future as well as more art trades. Gotta take better care of my back and mental health first though. I will leave this post with one of my favorite quotes from Bob Ross "We don't make mistakes, just happy accidents". Sending love to the five of you that read my blog <3