April 13th 2017

Decided to take a break from trying to put too much on my plate with not enough time. Excited to announce that I will be moving my blog posts to Patreon! Yes! I am finally going to have a PATREON in the next month or so! I have been taking little steps to make it happen and ready to make the big launch soon! What is Patreon you might ask? Its a platform for creators to have a monthly income from those who support what they do (you!). I have been working hard to get a lot of work produced and have also been working hard on a 12 page intro to a longer story. This story was going to be submitted to a contest, but I decided last minute to either get it published through a different third party or BY MYSELF! Patreon will be a great opportunity for me to share more of my story of the process and also SHARE the first 12 pages that I have been working on since NOVEMBER!! Also you will get full access to all the inbetween steps through it, exclusive videos, drawing sessions, and I plan on getting more benefits going! The best part? It will only cost you as low as $1 to $5 a month to help get my supplies and make my dream a little more of a reality. 

Its been great having a side blog through my website to make it feel more like 2007 and slow down my time on the internet. Because lets be real, that social media shit is exhausting. 

As a treat to those of you who have been reading my blog here is the first finished page of my comic, 'Binx'! Lets see how far this shit will take me? I honestly will keep drawing regardless.