Hey everyone! Hope the New Year is off to a good start! 

I have been taking more breaks with art lately so that I could focus on other aspects of my life, but I am happy to announce a lot of new things are in the works. 

First off, starting next month I will be taking a ceramics course! This means I will hopefully be having more ceramic pins, cups, and plants available later this year. Stay tuned on that!

Also! I was recently accepted to be a seller on the infamous curated online shop Witchsy, by Penelope Gazin, which I am still in the works of creating new stuff for that. Also, stay tuned for that ;) 

Lastly, if you are in Portland, OR my 'You are Strong' stickers, shirts, and posters are now available at Palace, Outlet, Land Gallery, and Project Object. 

Thank you guys for making this dream a reality, I have worked my ass off for the past four years to make this path possible, but it couldn't be possible without the support from followers! So seriously, thank you!